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Our goal is to give you an alternative for refueling on run, on the bike or during any other exercise. Pop the top, eat a tablet or two, and feel the energy. Simple as that.

There's no lingering aftertaste, none of the goo-ey stomach caused by gels, and at 17.5 calories per tablet its easy to take just what you need. 10 tablets in every tube. 

For only $21 per case of 120 tablets (12 tubes) using coupon "Tryit" you can be the first in your group to get a leg up on the competition. That's $1.75 for each 175 calorie tube. Calorie for calorie less expensive than the best selling gel. $6 shipping in the U.S regardless of how many cases you buy.

Variety Packs are now available.  $16.00, plus $6.00 shipping for 8 tubes: 2 Grape, 2 Orange, 2 Lemon-Lime and 2 Wild Berry.  COUPONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR USE WITH VARIETY PACKS.

If you are visiting after getting a sample in your race bag we would love to hear what you think!! Please leave a review below for others to hear what you think. We are supporting all 41 North American Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races by putting a sample in each race bag. We also put 14,000 samples in the Illinois Marathon, and many others around the country. We are small, but driven to provide the best product you can get. We believe that if you try Quic Disc Simply Carbs you will understand why. ;-)  See reviews of those that have received samples at races below!