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Quic Disc Simply Carbs product launch

Posted by Richard President on

WOW, Here we go!!  We have been at this for years, really almost 20 years.  It was 1995 at Ironman Hawaii that my brother thought up this idea.  And here we are.  The presses are running.  The Lemon-Lime is off the presses and being packaged.  Next is grape, then wild berry, and last orange.  We will have product ready for retail distribution from our website at the time the first samples are found in the race bags of Ironman 70.3 California.  We could not be more pleased and excited to bring this great product to you all.  We are also happy to have produced enough to replenish our personal stock as well!  Its a hard thing to not have enough QD Simply Carbs to train with when your first Ironman of the year is in Texas on May 16th.  If you have questions, please let us know and we will answer every one.  If one person asks a question, there are probably a 100 others thinking the same question and we will try to answer them all.

Thank you all!!