Directions for use

First, we believe that everyone is different and didn't want to be proscriptive on use, but here is how much of the running, biking and triathlon community has been using them. On the run we sometimes have folks actually taking the tabs out of the tube and putting them in a snack baggie held in a fuel belt for easy access. They then take one to two tabs at the top of each mile on the run. The longer the run, the more per mile they take towards the end. If you generally don't take in calories during shorter runs, we have found that carrying a tube with you gives you a little comfort that should you bonk you have a quick fix because QD takes effect so quickly, they are like a safety pack in case you need them. On the bike, normally folks use two to three tabs at the top of every 20 minutes on the bike. If you are out for a century, we often find that taking 4 or 5 during the beginning of the last hour really recharges your system for the final push. These are guidelines, and folks should find out what works best for them, but we have not had anyone report yet that they have had GI distress or other issues taking QD. Good luck and let us know how you use QD in the review section of our site.