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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Quic Disc Simply Carbs?
    • Quic Disc Simply Carbs is a tablet that you eat.  It is about the size of a quarter in diameter (one inch), and about 1/3 inch in thickness.  It is made up of three carbohydrates:  Sucrose, Dextrose and Maltodextrin.  It has electrolytes Potassium and Sodium.  It was designed to easily dissolve once you take a bite.  The citric acid in QD makes your mouth water which starts the dissolving process in your mouth.  Quic Disc Simply Carbs has 17.5 calories of carbohydrates in each tablet.  Each tube of QD has 10 tablets for a total of 175 calories in each tube.  The tubes are easy to carry with a easy to open tabbed top.  Pop the top, put your tongue on the tablet and in your mouth it goes.  Simple and easy.

  1. Is Quic Disc Simply Carbs mostly simple sugars?

  1. Will I get a sugar high??

  1. Will I have GI track issues?
    • No you will not have GI track Issues.  Because Quic Disc Simply Carbs is made up mostly of simple sugars, with Maltodextrin included in much smaller amounts, the energy is absorbed more readily into the blood stream, and as a result does not sit in the stomach waiting to be processed.  Maltodextrin is a more complex form of Dextrose that needs to be processed by the liver before use.  Substantial amounts of Maltodextrin sit in the stomach and will generally take much longer to be processed before being turned into useable energy, which often results in stomach and GI track issues; including cramping and stomach upset.  While many popular gels are up to 80 percent maltodextrin, Quic Disc Simply Carbs has around 5%.

  1. How does Quic Disc Simply Carbs taste?
    • When we started this process we knew one thing. It had to taste great. We are shocked that there are so many drink and energy products out there that just taste bad.  We tried all natural flavors from 29 specialized flavor houses (over 100 different flavors) and spent over a year just on getting the flavors right.  The results are the best flavors you will find. No overpowering taste or lingering aftertaste, just clean wonderful flavors:  Lemon-lime, Grape, Wild Berry and Orange.

  1. You don't use coloring in Quic Disc Simply Carbs?
    • We chose to not add color to Quic Disc Simply Carbs.  Why put something in that you don't need, and who wants a colored tongue?  We believe less is more when it comes to fake colors.  A funny story also relates to the color.  In the original Quic Disc we used Blue Number 1 and Red 40 to create a nice purple color.  This stuff is crazy concentrated.  A speck of this stuff, when combined with water, will turn anything a deep purple and you can't get rid of it.  In the production runs back in the late 90s the entire production room and workers ended up being turned purple and it was hard to get rid of.  So in order to keep our friends at the manufacturer purpleless, we decided not to add color.  Also, if you knew how crazy this stuff is, why would you want to eat it.  We think Quic Disc Simply Carbs is just fine in natural white.  You don't need color to know which all natural flavor you are eating, they smell great too!

  1. Made in the USA?
    • Yes, every tube of Quic Disc Simply Carbs was designed, mixed, tabletized, packaged and shipped from here in the good ole USA; Way up north in the mountain region of New Hampshire.   When it is cold in Boston, it is FRIGID up where Quic Disc is manufactured.   By buying this product you are giving US workers good jobs. The more you use, the more people are added to the production process.  It is as simple as that.  We are committed to providing US workers with good jobs and opportunities.

  1. What is the History of Quic Disc Simply Carbs?

  1. Is there anything like Quic Disc Simply Carbs in the market today?
    • It is the first and only tablet of its kind on the market.  There is no other product like it today.  No other product uses multiple carbohydrate sources, mostly made up of simple carbs to power you through your workout or race.  No other product delivers great taste, in easily meterable amounts, in an easy, useable form.  No other tablet that you eat is free of magnesium stearate, or other insoluble tablet press lubricant. No other energy tablet is make to be eaten and we have NO FIZZ.  Quic Disc Simply Carbs is the only product with these attributes and our patents are necessary to produce a carbohydrate tablet without insoluble tablet press lubricants or large amounts of soluble lubricants which would make the product unappealing.
  2. Can you still create a drink from Quic Disc Simply Carbs?
    • Yes.  While the formulation has been changed to make it much easier to eat, the tablets will break apart when dropped in water and create a very appealing sports drink.  Its flavor will be lighter and its contents less sweet.  Just drop the tablets in water and they will break apart within 2 minutes, without fizz, and if you shake or stir, it creates a great flavored sports drink just like before.
  3. How is Quic Disc Simply Carbs packaged?
    • Quic Disc Simply Carbs is delivered in tubes of 10 tablets.  Each tab gives you 17.5 calories and 175 total calories per 10 tablets.  Tubes are made for easy opening and closing and are sold 12 tube cartons.  How to use?  Pop the top, put the tube to your mouth, put your tongue on a tablet, and out it comes.  As easy as that!

    1. Can I get it at my local bike store, running shop or other retail store?
      • Initially we are selling Quic Disc Simply Carbs direct to you from our online store and on  If you want to see it locally, ask for it at your local store and we will diligently work with them to get it in your store.  We believe in buying local, whether it be your local bike, running or triathlon store.  Local businesses need our support to survive and we are committed to providing them Quic Disc Simply Carbs whenever they ask for it so it can be sold in their store.

    1. Who are "We"?
      • I am the President and part owner of Quic Disc.  I did Hawaii in 1983, and two half triathlons (St. Croix and Michigan) in 2014, but this year didn't make it back to the big kahuna.  My brother is the other owner and inventor of Quic Disc (and in my age group 50-54).  He did his first triathlon with me in 1983 (the BayState Triathlon), Hawaii in 1995 and made it back and was 14th in his age group in Hawaii in 2014.   We believe we are like many of you.  Committed to our families, our jobs and our sport (in that order), whether it be swimming, biking, running or something else that we seek to take to the highest level we can.   Worried about everything we take to fuel our efforts, and always looking for the honest edge whether it be bike position, training or race strategy, more efficient technique or new products to help us achieve our goals. We created Quic Disc Simply Carbs because for us it works better than any other similar product and we are offering it to you to  give it a try.  Its like having a life preserver in your pocket when you simply need carbs.

    1. Is it Gluten free, even at trace levels?
      • YES, it is 100% Gluten free, with NO traces of gluten as verified by lab results and the ingredients we use.

    1. Why No Caffeine?
      • Personal choice.  Quic Disc Simply Carbs is a carbohydrate based energy source and at this time we see no benefit to adding caffeine.  We don't train or race with products that include caffeine, other than our morning coffee or tea. ;-)  We could come out with other products that include caffeine should there be a demand in the future, but we will always offer products without caffeine.

    1. Should I replace my current energy products with Quic Disc Simply Carbs?
      • We believe that many of the current products on the market have their benefits, and we use them too, but we don't believe that one product will fit all purposes.  We believe that Quic Disc Simply Carbs can be an effective energy source and can be combined with other products for the perfect solution for you.  Its all up to you.

    1. Do I need to drink water with Quic Disc Simply Carbs for it to be effective?
      • Quic Disc Simply Carbs is made to be eaten without water.  We add just enough citric acid to start your mouth watering, without making Quic Disc Simply Carbs too tart.  Water obviously helps keep you hydrated but its not necessary when eating Quic Disc Simply Carbs.   Take liquid to keep you hydrated and Quic Disc Simply Carbs to keep you energized.   

    1. Why the canola oil in the product?
      • In addition to our patented manufacturing process, it is important to have a small amount of other food grade lubricants in the mix, much less than a percent of the formulation.  We could have chosen other lubricants instead of Canola oil, but they have issues that we did not want in our products.  Canola oil is one of the better vegetable oils and the highest level of Omega 3 among them. Below is a list of other lubricants that we choose not to use and why:
        1. Magnesium Stearate:  Is insoluble and encapsulates every granule of the mix such that it takes longer for the body to process and slower for the carbohydrates to be used.
        2. Polyethylene glycol:  Is soluble in water, but is used as a laxative, and the Food and Drug Administration recently announced that they found traces of ethylene glycol (EG) and diethylene glycol (DEG), ingredients in antifreeze in samples of the product and it is currently under investigation.
        3. Wheat Germ Oil:  Is soluble in water, but even though the FDA would allow you to call it Gluten Free, it is made from wheat, and even when processed, small traces of Gluten.
        4. Mineral Oil: Used as a laxative, so maybe its obvious why we didn't want to use it.

    2. Where can I try it?
      • We believe that the best way to convince you that Quic Disc Simply Carbs works is to let you try it.  We are committed to giving away 1.8 million tablets in 2015.  How?  We will be in goodie bags at long and half distance triathlons and half and full marathons starting in the spring, including every North American Ironman Branded 70.3 and Full Ironman in 2015.  That's 41 races. Look for us and give Quic Disc Simply Carbs a try.  We know that if you try it, you will see why we have created it.  It’s simple, it works and tastes great.
    3. What is the Race and Podium Sponsorship Program all about?
    • We are age group athletes, and unfortunately, sponsors are not lining up to support us.  We buy their products, use them and let others know about them, but don’t ever hear from the sponsor thanking us.  We wanted to do something different.  We want to support the age group athlete that is supporting us by buying and using the product, and hopefully telling others about it.  So we devised the Race and Podium Sponsorship program.  It’s pretty simple.
    • Here’s how it works:
    1. Get a tattoo from us, ether in a race bag where you got a sample, or from a box of Quic Disc Simply Carbs.  We will be putting one or more tattoos in every box.
    2. Take a picture of you wearing the tattoo in a race, any sanctioned race, and send the picture to us so we can post it on our website.
    3. We will send you an electronic coupon via email for 20% off your next box of Quic Disc Simply Carbs.
    4. AND, if you podium that race, and get a picture of the tattoo on the podium that we can post on our website, we will send you a free box of Quic Disc Simply Carbs in the flavor of your choice (subject to availability).

    • This program may, in our sole discretion, be terminated at any time without notice, is subject to availability, and we may in our sole discretion choose not to provide the stated benefits if, at any time, we believe there has been an abuse of the program by the requestor or if for some other reason we believe providing the benefits would harm our reputation or the athlete has violated the code of conduct we believe exists for all athletes.