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Our goal is to give you an alternative for refueling on run, on the bike or during any other exercise. Pop the top, eat a tablet or two, and feel the energy. Simple as that.  There's no lingering aftertaste, none of the goo-ey stomach caused by gels, and at 17.5 calories per tablet its easy to take just what you need.  10 tablets in every tube.  

For only $21 per case of 120 tablets (12 tubes) you can be the first in your group to get a leg up on the competition.  That's $1.75 for each 175 calorie tube. Calorie for calorie less expensive than the best selling gel. $6 shipping in the U.S regardless of how many cases you buy.  Regular price $32, but you can purchase now for a pre-applied $11 discount per 12 tube case. No coupon needed.

Variety Packs are now available.  $16.00, plus $6.00 shipping for 8 tubes: 2 Grape, 2 Orange, 2 Lemon-Lime and 2 Wild Berry.  COUPONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR USE WITH VARIETY PACKS.

Women's Running Magazine May 2016 Fuel Up Awards
                     Winner in the Chew category:

"These chewable carbohydrate and electrolyte tablets are a new direction for chews
—perfect if you don't like sticky or gummy stuff when you run."

Triathlete Magazine September 2015 Review: 

These tasty tablets are an interesting alternative to chewable sports nutrition, as they contain carbs and are similar in taste to a SweeTart candy—just not quite as tart. They're ideal for athletes who struggle with gooey gels and chewy textures. Available in four flavors (orange was the collective favorite), each four-tablet serving contains 70 calories, 16 grams of carbs plus electrolytes. These come in a convenient 10-tablet tube. $16 for eight tubes."

     If you are visiting after getting a sample in your race bag we would love to hear what you think!! Please leave a review below for others to hear what you think.

    An added note:  We could not be more excited with the response to Quic Disc Simply Carbs.  The reviews below are a small percentage of the incredibly positive responses we have received from the running, biking and triathlon community.  We are very humbled that we could bring a product to you that helps you get to your goals, and have been also humbled by the amazing response to Quic Disc that we have received.  Thank you!