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How it works

Quic Disc Simply Carbs is a chewable tablet that gives athletes extra energy when they need it, in an effective, tasty, quick and convenient way.

QD is made up primarily of simple sugars, Sucrose and Dextrose. It also has a little Maltodextrin along with Potassium and Electrolytes.

Simple sugars are broken down and absorbed by the body in much less time than complex sugars. As a result they act more quickly to give your body fuel to burn when training and competing.

Most energy products on the market contain a high volume of Maltodextrin which is a complex sugar. Maltodextrin stays in the stomach much longer while being processed, and therefore causes gastrointestinal issues for some. QD does NOT cause stomach issues.

Each tablet of Quic Disc is 17.5 calories. The advantage of this is that athletes can more precisely meter their caloric intake and maintain consistent energy levels during training and competition.