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What is the QD Story?

One of our founders thought up the idea of a tabletized energy product back in 1995 after doing Hawaii and becoming very dehydrated and energy deficient in the race (he bonked and went from 80th off the bike overall to 126th by the end of the run), and believed he could create a product that would be easy to use and travel with him wherever he trained or raced.   After years of working with a manufacturing company on his ideas, he was able to produce the first fully water soluble carbohydrate tablet that broke apart quickly without fizz and he patented that manufacturing process.  The tabletized sports drinks you see today are attributed in many cases to his ideas and the first Quic Disc product that was first launched in 1999, well before any of the claimed firsts made by other companies.  The first Quic Disc product was given four stars by Bicycling in 1999 and found to be a great product by other reviewers of the day: Outside Magazine, Backpacking magazine to name but a few.  But a production run with a bad all natural flavor from the flavor house he used ended the product.   His standards were high and even though others didn’t think it was that bad, he wouldn’t sell a product where the flavor didn’t meet his standards and the original QD product met its end.  The original Quic Disc product had lots of followers, some of whom created some of the products you see today.  Back then, often users told us that they loved to eat the original QD product, with the great flavor and ease of use.  That is why we have modified the product today to introduce a new category of energy product to the market:  Quic Disc Simply Carbs.   Tablets you eat.