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What is the Race Sponsorship Program?

We are age group athletes, and unfortunately, sponsors are not lining up to support us.  We buy their products, use them and let others know about them, but don’t ever hear from the sponsor thanking us.

We wanted to do something different.  We want to support the age group athlete that is supporting us by buying and using the product, and hopefully telling others about it.  So we devised the Race Sponsorship program.  It’s pretty simple. Here’s how it works:

    1. Get a tattoo from us, ether in a race bag where you got a sample, or from a box of Quic Disc Simply Carbs.  We will be putting one or more tattoos in every box.
    2. Take a picture of you wearing the tattoo in a race, any sanctioned race, and send the picture to us so we can post it on Instagram or our website.
    3. We will send you an electronic coupon via email for 20% off your next box of Quic Disc Simply Carbs purchased online from the Quic Disc web site.  This discount is not available at any other store.  Limit one per race.

    This program may, in our sole discretion, be terminated at any time without notice, is subject to availability, and we may in our sole discretion choose not to provide the stated benefits if, at any time, we believe there has been an abuse of the program by the requestor or if for some other reason we believe providing the benefits would harm our reputation or the athlete has violated the code of conduct we believe exists for all athletes.