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Who are "We"?

I am the President and part owner of Quic Disc.  I did Hawaii in 1983, and two half triathlons (St. Croix and Michigan) in 2014, but this year didn't make it back to the big kahuna.  My brother is the other owner and inventor of Quic Disc (and in my age group).  He did his first triathlon with me in 1983 (the BayState Triathlon), Hawaii in 1995 and made it back and was 14th in his age group in Hawaii in 2014.   We believe we are like many of you.  Committed to our families, our jobs and our sport (in that order), whether it be swimming, biking, running or something else that we seek to take to the highest level we can.   Worried about everything we take to fuel our efforts, and always looking for the honest edge whether it be bike position, training or race strategy, more efficient technique or new products to help us achieve our goals. We created Quic Disc Simply Carbs because for us it works better than any other similar product and we are offering it to you to  give it a try.  Its like having a life preserver in your pocket when you simply need carbs.