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Why don’t QD’s have color?

We chose to not add color to Quic Disc Simply Carbs.  Why put something in that you don't need, and who wants a colored tongue?  We believe less is more when it comes to fake colors.  A funny story also relates to the color.  In the original Quic Disc we used Blue Number 1 and Red 40 to create a nice purple color.  This stuff is crazy concentrated.  A speck of this stuff, when combined with water, will turn anything a deep purple and you can't get rid of it.  In the production runs back in the late 90s the entire production room and workers ended up being turned purple and it was hard to get rid of.  So in order to keep our friends at the manufacturer purpleless, we decided not to add color.  Also, if you knew how crazy this stuff is, why would you want to eat it.  We think Quic Disc Simply Carbs is just fine in natural white.  You don't need color to know which all natural flavor you are eating, they smell great too!